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Adventure Paintball with Essential Rental Package...... $45

  • 12 + years & up

  • Price is per player

  • Unlimited Play Time

  • Private Games Included at No Charge

  • Essential Rentals include Full Face Safety Goggles, Semi Auto Air Rifle, Loader to hold paintballs & All Day Air Fills​

  • Paintballs & Optional Rentals SOLD SEPARATELY

PRE PAY 48 hrs in advance
 $40.50/ Pay Online!

Low Impact Paintball w/Essential Rental Package......$35

  • 7 years to adults

  • Price is per player

  • Unlimited Play Time

  • Private Games Included at No Charge

  • Essential Rentals include Full Face Safety Goggles, Pump style rifle, Loader to hold paintballs

  • Paintballs & Optional Rentals SOLD SEPARATELY

PRE PAY 48 hrs in advance
 $31.50/ Pay Online!
Paintballs & Additional Rentals SOLD SEPARATELY

Everyone goes through different amounts of paintballs so we leave it up to you to purchase them as you go. Budget on approximately 200 - 300 paintballs per person for a few hours of play. This depends on how many games you actually play and how Trigger Happy you are! 

 *** Please RESPECT OUR BUSINESS. Do not bring your own paintballs. All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge Adventure Park.


Extra rental gear for those that want more than the Essential Rental Package included with Admission.


These covies aren't essential but if you want to keep your clothes 'cleanish' grab a pair of these. We wash 'em up after every use or wear your own clothes suitable for outdoor play.

Uzzie Semi Upgrade..........$10

Want an edge up on your friends? (or foe) Upgrade to this bad boy featuring a lightweight body and waaay better accuracy than our standard rental. Semi Auto. ** not available for Gotcha Low Impact

Full Head Safety Goggle..........$10

Why hold back from the Action when you can get Full Head protection! Wide Open til ya Hit the Wall!... then brake.

14" Sniper Barrel Upgrade..........$6

Add a 14" Sniper Barrel to any of our paintball guns and sit back and watch the paint fly! **not available for Gotcha Low Impact

Anti-fog Goggle Upgrade...........$6

Ok, this is rather rude... but are you kinda sweaty? Well even if you aren't, these upgrade Goggles will make your day even better!

Padded Jacket..........$6

Comfortable with lightweight padding and mesh for breathability. Great for summer paintball without the bulk. Built in neckguard.

Padded Pants..........$6

Padded yet lightweight. Great to slip on over shorts or pants for all season paintball.

Body Armor Vest..........$5

Calling all Ladies, Extra protection where you need it! Perfect for all who don't want to go home with ouch marks on their backs.

Paintball Gloves..........$4

3/4 finger gloves designed for paintball to protect your hands and also gives you mobility of your fingers.

Padded Hat..........$4

Padded with mesh strips so you don't heat up too much. 'Paint Rag' style that covers the back of the head down to shoulders.


Get extra protection with this neoprene neckguard with velcro closure.

2022-06-04 13.53_edited.jpg

General Area

Free of Charge to use. Outdoor tables & chairs, umbrella when available. Optional BBQ rental $15

2022-06-04 13.52_edited.jpg

Private Tent

$25 for 2 hours. Comes with tables, chairs and optional BBQ rental $12. You bring the food & do the cooking. 

2021-10-03 12.34_edited.jpg

Private Gazebo with Fire Pit

$45 for 2 hours. Comes with tables, chairs, Private Fire Pit & bucket of wood. Optional BBQ rental $15. Roasting sticks upon request. During Fire Ban: $35 for 2 hours.

General, Tent & Gazebo can be selected during the booking process.

Check out our FAQ page for more details too! 

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