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Book and Pre-Pay at least 48 hours in advance of your actual day of play to receive 15% discount on Paintball and/or Gotcha Low Impact Paintball Admission/Essential Rental Package and bulk cases of 2000 paintballs. NO DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON DAY OF PLAY AT THE FIELD.

For pre-payment discount we need to know actual number of confirmed players. If you are not sure, just pay for those that are confirmed. Additional players may join your group and pay full price upon arrival. Admissions are transferable although no refunds for players that are no shows. 

Confirm Players

PLEASE CALL/TEXT DIRECTLY for eTransfer instructions or for an invoice to be emailed to you for Visa/Mastercard/Debit payments. 

Lump sum payment for all players in your group is required, we cannot accept individual payments from each member of your group. Discounted rate valid during regular hours of operation only.  Cannot be combined with any other offer. 

Pre Payment

Please note: once discounted payment has been received there are No refunds, credits or exchanges. (ex. applying pre payment to another purchase ex. paintballs, upgrades) You may substitute players. 

No Refunds

We are located on WFN land. If you have a Status Card please let us know BEFORE payment as we cannot reverse the payment after it has been processed and entered. You will need to present your card upon arrival for verification and to sign the registry. 

Status Cards

Discount applies to Paintball and/or Gotcha Low Impact Paintball Admission & Essential Rental Package and Bulk 2000 case lots of paintballs ONLY. 

It does not apply to

  • optional extra rental equipment

  • party tents, bbq rentals

  • smaller quantity purchases of paintballs & grenades

Prices and Discounts are subject to change without notice. All prices in our Point of Sale system are deemed to be correct and valid at the time of purchase. 

Fine Print



For bookings on mornings/days we are closed for regular drop-in play. Minimum of 8 players apply. Booking and pre-payment is required at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your play day. Payment is made upon booking.

  • You may pay for the minimum of 8 players and add players later or pay for all confirmed players at time of booking. Only pay for confirmed players as there are No Refunds. 

  • OFF HOURS bookings are not valid with any discounts or specials unless specified.

  • You may cancel with full refund up to 72 hours (3 days) in advance

  • Within 72 hours (3 days) of your actual booking all payments are non-refundable, no credits or rescheduling allowed. 

  • One lump sum payment must be made for entire group, (minimum 8 players) although additional players may be added and paid for upon arrival.

  • No Refunds or credits for ‘no show’ players.

  • Additional rentals and paintballs are sold separately and are available purchase at the field on game day

  • No OFF FIELD paintballs are permitted. All paintballs must be purchased at Safari Ridge

  • Up to 4 hours of play time from time of booking or until dusk

  • LATE FEES:  if your group is more than 15 minutes later than scheduled time you may be subject to a late fee. Late fee is $20/hour or portion thereof after the 15 minutes grace period. Time comes off your 4 hour time limit.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking please let us know as soon as possible so we can open the spot for others.

You may cancel your booking, without penalty, anytime up until a deposit or pre-payment has been made.

REGULAR HOUR BOOKINGS: Once a deposit or pre-payment has been made

  • Up until 24 hours before arrival time: a credit for the amount paid will apply for games rescheduled. A 25% administration fee for refunds.

  • Within 24 hours of start time: Sorry, No Refunds. For pre paid players that do not show up you are welcome to transfer their payment to another player that may join your group. Payment can not be used for other purchases.



  • You may cancel with a full refund up to 72 hours (3 days) in advance

  • Within 72 hours (3 days) of your actual booking all payments are non-refundable, no credits or rescheduling allowed.

Privacy Policy

We're too busy and/or lazy to do anything with your personal information. It all stays safely tucked away. We may use your email to send you exciting - can't miss - amazing deals, but don't hold your breath - we probably won't. 

We use a third-party app for our waiver and bookings. If you want your info removed from those sites, let us know and we'll delete your info there.

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